TomoChain acquired Lition in an undisclosed deal to expand its private chain business
Developer Tools
Sidechain Manager

The Sidechain Manager is the go-to tool for convenient UI interaction with all sidechains. It provides a graphical interface that allows non-technical staff to interact with Lition’s Smart Contract.

Docker Containers

This includes all necessary applications for you to run your own Lition sidechain node. Pull and start your containers from the images and you will be ready to go.

Github Repository

This repository Includes our Front-End (React + Node.js), as well as our ERC-20 Smart Contracts (Solidity), both released under the Creative Commons license for non-commercial use.

GitLab Repository

This repository includes every aspect of our sidechain protocol. Among the projects, you will find a Lition sidechain client (Golang) and secondary Solidity Smart Contracts that attend other functionalities.